Week of August 24-30 2015

About a half hour more of videos in Udacity’s Front End Nanodegree. It is very practical though the video banter can be cloying. “Team” meeting at 9:30 Pacific consists of a number of very bright people. Some are software engineers of many years experience which is a surprise to me though perhaps the certification is what they’re looking for?

Installed Package Control, then Emmet for my Sublime Text. Still not quite sure what the advantages are.



Responsive Web Design Fundamentals makes an interesting suggestion to start with the phone size, then work up. Both for the essential information and thinking about performance from the beginning. Hitting an airpocket at 6:30 pacific that none of the downloads are working; this is a known problem for Udacity and they’re working on it so I may hit the Codecademy Ruby lessons…or just play PacMan 256.

Going to take a stab at some minor Bolo changes this weekend or Monday and set up dev environment on my laptop as well as desktop.

Treehouse’s courses also look good including the one on CSS and would like more drills and practice.



Did the Codecademy Youtube API course which was quick. There was an error in the instructions on just about the only remotely non-rote question. The “course” was clearly written by YouTube and maybe as such not as maintained?


8/28: Nothing

8/29: Udacity’s downloads are working. The Responsive HTML videos are fine, a little cloying and even sloppy at times. but I pushed through a few more of the videos and did enjoy learning about @media tags and Google Fonts. Some things are skipped over too quickly – normalize.css (how do you use two css files?) is mentioned – why not give the link (https://github.com/necolas/normalize.css/) in the notes?

Had not understood that you can ask a browser to download a font; the www.google.com/fonts page is very cool.

for my upcoming test page quickly chose Roboto:500, which I may change

add to HTML in the <head>:

<link href=’https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Roboto:500′ rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’>

add to CSS: (*) meaning for all elements but could change that up too…, say just h1:

* {
font-family: ‘Roboto’, sans-serif;

The end of L2: CSS & Responsive Design asks if we’re happy with how our page looks: whaaaat?

L3 Question 1 the intro to bootstrap is terrible: You can write HTML after getting a design mock up but the question is marked wrong with the terrible explanation: “But this question was about what you can do when you are going to use an existing framework but you don’t yet know which one.” 

I don’t think Document-Object-Model was yet introduced but you are supposed to know that to correctly answer the question.

Validator link: https://validator.w3.org/

* * * A frustrating issue but I’m glad I walked through it at end of Bootstrap course (here)…to add a pop up modal, you need jquery; jquery of 1.9 or above needed to be downloaded and put into the file structure. Going to do that, first I:

-downloaded 1.1.x (ooh, don’t I want those IE 6-8 users? I’ll get that instead!

-realized I needed to be over 1.9, so got the latest, 2.1.4;

-failed to put in the full file name, skipping the “.js” at the end.

But all’s well in the end. got my modal on! Finished the mini-course

8/30 – back to Responsive Design Course

“max-width:100%” is your friend…(to avoid pixellation)


Went crazy with a mismash of things to try to improve the “Projects Page” (assignment one); shading text, adding rounded edges, and trying to imitate Hacksummit’s cool background floating clouds. The latter I didn’t ultimately succeed on.

Continued to do Responsive Images course which gives a quick intro to various ways of resizing images. Good intro; but again, not a lot of practice problems. Raster v. Vector…

Installing Grunt, ImageOptin, and ImageMagick – ah but the middle is Mac Only; complete list of tools here. (https://www.udacity.com/course/viewer#!/c-ud882-nd/l-3520939843/e-3739118843/m-3787948543). For Grunt had to install node.js which was easy. I took the Command Line course but still this is a little alien to me in windows.  installed grunt


I wonder what percent of Udacity viewers are on mac, they’re quite preferential to it. Even recommending Trimage as on Windows, the Trimage site says they need help there. So I’ll get another image compression software option later.

My overly complex and ambitious solution for the first project has been rejected by Udacity! The points upon which it has been rejected are strictly speaking, true: including indentation issues. But I got some “awesomes” and other good feedback on the points I went way over the mark, including cribbing the background CSS from the Hacksummit.org site. I am super impressed and no longer doubting one iota of the $200/mo (hopefully $100/mo) cost.



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