To R or Not to R, That is the Question

There are two MOOCs at Coursera that each started this week featuring R and I’ve signed up for them.  “Computing for Data Analysis” by Roger Peng (Johns Hopkins) and Statistics One by Andrew Conway (Princeton).  Homework is coming due!  This mocks the proposition in Python for Data Analysis which basically says Python and Pandas will do just fine for these tasks.

I’m not sure this is the optimal use of my programming time — Learning from Data CS1156x (CalTech) has also started and whose machine learning emphasis is more up my alley.

Berkeley CS 169.1 Software as a Service also is starting next week, and is based on Ruby about which I know little.

The MIT EdX Python class starts again in mid-October.  I may have signed up for too much here where there are simple CodeSchool and Codecademy courses to take.

But I’ve got a free weekend to dive in and at least sample them.

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