Some Good Entrepreneurial Advice

Paul Graham on raising money

Reid Hoffman on the Linkedin Series B deck

Bing Gordon on managerial tips from his consumer web startups.

– Get your Strategy on one poster.  Build a Missionary not Mercenary company (but Oracle does the latter). No 1 on 1 meetings: “after 30 seconds it’s all whining.”  Everyone should have 3 (measurable) objectives – 70% success or not ambitious enough.  “Great people want a lot demanded of them” – David Ogilvy.  Have inspiring board meetings.  Demand perfection in perfectable jobs (security, legal, HR).  Hire HR within first 50 people. Scare the crap out of your best people, not written performance reviews (Bezos).  Values on the wall.  CEO job is to inspire confidence.  Get a good EA. If your calendar hasn’t changed your priorities haven’t.

Steve Jurvetson on Elon Musk and tech/investing trends on TWiS

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