Reminder: Programming Goals

I elaborated these first two year goals on my personal website:

1) Create a website that solves some problem, no matter how minor.  I have notions of a variant on mortgage calculators that I could work on.

2) Use Python and learn to program some physical device: a camera-wielding drone over a swim meet?  A cat-tracking GPS device?  MakerFaire was awesome.  Go to it with a product.  Or just be able to make cool birthday presents for my kids.

3) Make a program that will optimize some element of TriplePoint’s business.

4) Be able to volunteer as a tutor/coach for some class of kids at the end of the two year path.

5) Stretch Goal: a comprehensive analytics and reporting engine for the communications industry.

6) Five-year goal: Become deeply knowledgeable about fields outside of where I gain technical competency to be able to properly incorporate the trends into a larger work of history.

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