August 31-September 14

Avoid repetition at all costs, including using ID=”….” multiple times I found, using the HTML validator. I had used ID=”roundedcorners” to polish first one image, then others as well, following along all the images where the class=”img-responsive” was used. Could learn more about semantic web interactions including relationship and SEO importance of Heading/Section/Article/Aside/etc. Couldn’t figure […]

Week of August 24-30 2015

About a half hour more of videos in Udacity’s Front End Nanodegree. It is very practical though the video banter can be cloying. “Team” meeting at 9:30 Pacific consists of a number of very bright people. Some are software engineers of many years experience which is a surprise to me though perhaps the certification is […]

Complexity Classes

Notes from Week 5 of the MIT Introduction to Computer Science 6.00.1 MOOC. Extensive notes in this .pdf from the class. Further notes related to python here: Assess the complexity of an algorithm from worse cases of input size: O(1): constant running time (or ‘Constant Complexity’); all mathematical operations are O(1); def inc(x): return x+1 […]