Quick Thoughts on the Bitcoin Adoption Curve and Plans

I’ve decided to buy Bitcoins directly and over the last week at Coinbase. I have started to accumulate a position which I intend to make the size of a normal Angel investment.  Many of which can go to zero, just as Bitcoin could.  Though the risk/reward is probably even better here — an angel investment […]

First Bitcoin Purchase on Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the venture-funded firms entering the bitcoin market: SV Angel, Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Union Square Ventures, IDG Ventures and others.  One name that stands out is Adam Draper, the third generation venture capitalist I heard speak at Berkeley last spring, mentioning forthcoming Bitcoin companies.  Clearly this was one he had in […]

Only 520 days til a Bitcoin…At this Difficulty Level

I’ll write another time on the economics of Bitcoin speculation another time.  But after still another Fed meeting proudly announcing an indiscriminate printing of money, I fired up the old graphics cards, and then even bought off Ebay an ASIC Miner, for $24. In the last hour, with two graphics cards (one a year old, […]