First Bitcoin Purchase on Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the venture-funded firms entering the bitcoin market: SV Angel, Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Union Square Ventures, IDG Ventures and others.  One name that stands out is Adam Draper, the third generation venture capitalist I heard speak at Berkeley last spring, mentioning forthcoming Bitcoin companies.  Clearly this was one he had in […]

Wall Street Journal: “Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results”

An excellent weekend essay against the self-esteem movement, in memoriam of a beloved strict violin teacher by Joanne Lipman.  Now trending, the second most popular article. The Eight Rules: 1. A little pain is good for you. 2. Drill, baby, drill. 3. Failure is an option. 4. Strict is better than nice. 5. Creativity can […]

Only 520 days til a Bitcoin…At this Difficulty Level

I’ll write another time on the economics of Bitcoin speculation another time.  But after still another Fed meeting proudly announcing an indiscriminate printing of money, I fired up the old graphics cards, and then even bought off Ebay an ASIC Miner, for $24. In the last hour, with two graphics cards (one a year old, […]

To R or Not to R, That is the Question

There are two MOOCs at Coursera that each started this week featuring R and I’ve signed up for them.  “Computing for Data Analysis” by Roger Peng (Johns Hopkins) and Statistics One by Andrew Conway (Princeton).  Homework is coming due!  This mocks the proposition in Python for Data Analysis which basically says Python and Pandas will […]