August 31-September 14

Avoid repetition at all costs, including using ID=”….” multiple times I found, using the HTML validator. I had used ID=”roundedcorners” to polish first one image, then others as well, following along all the images where the class=”img-responsive” was used.

Could learn more about semantic web interactions including relationship and SEO importance of Heading/Section/Article/Aside/etc. Couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong to not get a <footer></footer> section on my site.

Learned about Shortening with a good impromptu quiz question from the Udacity course instructor.

September 1:

More good feedback & encouragement from Udacity:

Udacity feedback

Resubmitted P1 to Udacity, down to only five errors, all “nitpicks” but still get psyched out that something is going wrong zipping up submissions. It feels like a pain to apply text-uppercase directly to h1 but, ahem, done! The project was approved pretty quickly, with still a third level of helpful feedback.

introduced to :cover v. :contain on images.

unicode characters intro OK, started to lose the thread other than “this is cool” at!/c-ud882-nd/l-3483659506/m-3588778631 for data URIs…

started Project 2: Online Resume (in Javascript) – the rust from my time with Python came off OK…

Javascript basics array quiz nailed first shot

Felt good about the second quiz even if this also wasn’t super-elegant:

Javascript basics string quiz

Javascript has objects, but no classes…a big difference with Python

September 2


September 3

Dragged myself at end of day to do it, setting a :30 timer on phone under the “I can do anything for :30″ precept. Read more on python v. javascript for objects at this Stack Overflow thread recommended by Udacity. I pushed well beyond that after immense frustration, why was adding a “var = bio {…” messing up even the original javascriptized-page, returning to its “hello, world” first state?

resumebuilder error when the lower part is uncommented

The answer? I’m missing one comma, after “welcomeMessage”: “YO!” !!! This took at least a half an hour to experiment with, commenting out the var bio & second $(“#main”) command and putting in others…

Powered on through dot & bracket notation and read this on JSON.

September 4:

Finished Part 1 of Javascript, made objects for my resume builder though (!/c-ud804-nd/l-1930528550/e-1935058561/m-2948908664) had more specific formatting I may need to return to.

JSONlint is cool to validate JSON. Feel like the indentation thing may ding me in future.

Muddled along with the Javascript lessons; they’re just OK and the steps in the project are assuming a greater familiarity with code which is mostly fine with me on the semantics but I still don’t understand some of the moving parts.

September 5

Watched some more of the Responsive Images course – good checklist from there:

  • What is the production workflow for images?
  • Do you use hero images, thumbnails, icons, decorations?
  • What image formats are used on your site?
  • Should some images be inlined or delivered as SVGs?

The Responsive Images srcset quiz I think fails to mention it needs an images/ directory to add the two different Den_Haag images, but I found it quickly enough in the forums.

The <picture> element is suddenly entered into the end of the course and seems the easiest way to handle most of these problems. The different ways to handle this probably would ironically be better treated in a few pages of text instead of a video I believe.

September 6:


September 7:

Little; but did hang out on Google+ with Udacity classmates, and delved into Grunt a bit, and walking through how helper.js will work with resumebuilder.js for the Project 2; also revived my copy of the Definitive Javascript from O’Reilly and starting to browse. Obviously a lot is familiar after experience with python, though the untyped nature of Javascript starting to come into more focus. Shouldn’t be too hard (but takes practice to drill in) to say swap “AND” for “&&”, etc.

September 8-14:

The “days doing nothing” count is now almost a full week from family and work responsibilities and I have to focus. The problem with online videos is the speed and lack of alternative explanation. I feel completely rusty and almost the entire code from!/c-ud804-nd/l-2239648539/e-1919708682/m-2257958588 looks closer to an alien life form than something understandable. This is entirely from familiarity and my lack of practice and I simply need to put in the time. While work and family life have been busy there were clearly available times I could have put in the effort but watched baseball games instead. Not a hedonistic lifestyle but neither is it one that will get me to the goal at this pace.


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