August 21 Re-starting the Programming Quest

The DRIP email campaign worked…

I started the free “Intro to Programming” to see if I wanted to try the full front end web development Nanodegree for $200/mo. Sign up by August 23rd! That is a steal compared to some of the full time training programs, and with an interesting kicker. Finish in a year or less and get half the money back.

Can loss aversion drive completion of the skill sets I know I need to complete? Not just in a CS 101 at EdX way but real world programming way?


The free Udacity intro to programming starts conceptually, that there are five ways of thinking: Procedural, Abstract, Systems, Technological Empathy, and Debugging. “Technological Empathy” is an interesting catch-all.

They’ve encouraged note taking.

There is a bit of the “The sky is blue”…Quiz: “What color is the sky” stuff which is tedious. is a cool online HTML resource.

“New programmers often struggle with this because in other learning environments it’s often important that you remember a lot of facts.

But programming doesn’t work like that! There’s just too many facts to remember them all.

Instead, you need to understand a few big ideas and know how to get the details you need when you need them.” – at a broad level, OK, but really, can’t one drill down and memorize this? Sounds suspiciously like the “students don’t need to know who the president was during the Civil War, they can google it to understand” pedagogical school. This is in contrast to the “Hard Way” series, which may be my fallback. That is short on Technological Empathy, long on drilling.

difference between <br> & <p> is important and answered a question which surfaced just messing around. Leads into <span> which is inline & <div> which is a block understanding.

By the final quiz, got slightly more challenging to make you think about the understanding between block & inline.

“Awareness” and “Ability” as two separate stages where individual concepts may be at different levels is a good conceptualization

awareness v abilityDid everything up to 1.1

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