Week of August 24-30 2015

About a half hour more of videos in Udacity’s Front End Nanodegree. It is very practical though the video banter can be cloying. “Team” meeting at 9:30 Pacific consists of a number of very bright people. Some are software engineers of many years experience which is a surprise to me though perhaps the certification is […]

Codecademy HTML &CSS…with Videos

Played around with streaming software; first two videos pretty poor resolution until taking the watermarked 1080p for the second half of the CSS intro in the HTML/CSS course. Wavering on the need to pay for Udacity when I have the entirety of Codecademy to do. I have access to other mentors which is the chief […]

August 21 Re-starting the Programming Quest

The DRIP email campaign worked… I started the free “Intro to Programming” to see if I wanted to try the full front end web development Nanodegree for $200/mo. Sign up by August 23rd! That is a steal compared to some of the full time training programs, and with an interesting kicker. Finish in a year […]