Notes on Learning Python by Mark Lutz Chapter 1-4

Introduction on the types of Python is good, but not great for novices to the language, probably a little distracting.  Still cool. Page 39, Turning code into frozen binaries: this is likely obvious to experienced programmers but makes it a revelation for me to get some small scripts into the hands of coworkers.  Will try PyInstaller […]

Reminder: Programming Goals

I elaborated these first two year goals on my personal website: 1) Create a website that solves some problem, no matter how minor.  I have notions of a variant on mortgage calculators that I could work on. 2) Use Python and learn to program some physical device: a camera-wielding drone over a swim meet?  A […]

Some Good Entrepreneurial Advice

Paul Graham on raising money Reid Hoffman on the Linkedin Series B deck Bing Gordon on managerial tips from his consumer web startups. – Get your Strategy on one poster.  Build a Missionary not Mercenary company (but Oracle does the latter). No 1 on 1 meetings: “after 30 seconds it’s all whining.”  Everyone should have […]

A Very Simple Name Manipulation Script in Python

Started the MIT Intro MOOC, whose material should be a breeze for me.  Going to do it with some coworkers. Best way to learn constantly told is to play around with programs and just figure it out.  Googling things to add; and just thinking through other ways to build stuff.  I couldn’t (quickly) figure out […]

Quick Thoughts on the Bitcoin Adoption Curve and Plans

I’ve decided to buy Bitcoins directly and over the last week at Coinbase. I have started to accumulate a position which I intend to make the size of a normal Angel investment.  Many of which can go to zero, just as Bitcoin could.  Though the risk/reward is probably even better here — an angel investment […]

First Bitcoin Purchase on Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the venture-funded firms entering the bitcoin market: SV Angel, Y Combinator, Garry Tan, Union Square Ventures, IDG Ventures and others.  One name that stands out is Adam Draper, the third generation venture capitalist I heard speak at Berkeley last spring, mentioning forthcoming Bitcoin companies.  Clearly this was one he had in […]